Healthy Passengers
We are committed to taking all measures necessary to ensure your health and safety. We are enhancing existing measures and implementing new initiatives and processes that will ensure you remain safe while traveling through the airport.
As of June 15, the following policies must be adhered to in the Air Terminal Building.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, all passengers and airport employees must wear face coverings or masks at all times. This includes pre- and post- security screening areas of the terminal and all other public areas in the terminal.


Terminal access will be restricted to passengers and airport employees on duty. Meeters and greeters or those dropping off friends and loved ones at the airport are not permitted to enter the terminal.


When arriving at the Sault Ste. Marie Airport, please exit the terminal immediately upon collecting your bags from the baggage carousel.


As always, follow in-terminal signage and maintain a safe physical distance of 2 metres from others whenever possible.

There are exceptions to these policies. You will not be required to wear a face covering if:

  • You are under the age of two
  • You are unable to remove a face covering without assistance
  • You have trouble breathing
  • You are dining in the restaurant area
  • You are an airport employee in a non-public area (such as a private office) of the terminal building

If you are not travelling, you may still enter the public areas of the terminal building if:

  • You are a friend or family member of someone who requires mobility assistance
  • You are accompanying a minor who is travelling alone

If you are waiting to pick up a friend or family member, you may park and wait in the short term parking lot.

Other actions that we are taking

We have added or enhanced cleaning procedures and will continue to evolve these processes as needed. These include:

  • Installation of barrier glass at all terminal counters
  • Additional cleaning and heightened focus on high-touch areas, such as chairs and the car park pay station
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations at key terminal locations entering the terminal building
  • Use of disinfecting solutions for baggage cart handrails and handles
  • Regular disinfecting of all hard surfaces
  • Enhanced disinfection of terminal washrooms
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