Travelling For The Holidays?

Don’t add unnecessary stress to your holidays; follow these tips to help keep your travel smooth!


–Arrive Early–

Give yourself lots of time to get to the airport and checked-in. Check-in typically closes one hour prior to departure. Check-in online and have your boarding pass printed or saved on your phone before you arrive to save time and beat the line. Check with your airline for the specifics.


–Eat Here–

Don’t wait in line at the drive through on the way here; let Morningstar Cafe and Lounge take care of your Starbucks coffee and culinary needs.  Morningstar offers made to order and fresh-and-fast breakfast, lunch, and dinner options from 5:30am through 8:00pm.


–Know Your Baggage/Carry-On Requirements–

Click here to read Transport Canada’s rules about what you can and can’t bring on board.

Be sure to know the rules regarding baggage size and weights for checked and carry-on baggage.  Overweight luggage may be charged an additional fee.  Check your carrier’s baggage policy:

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–Bringing Presents?–

Keep presents in carry-on bags unwrapped.  Airport screening may need to unwrap packages; this creates delays for you and your fellow travelers.  Any wrapped gifts should be placed in checked baggage.


–Don’t Forget ID–

Check with your airline to determine what forms of identification are accepted for you and your children.  If you are travelling internationally, ensure that your passport is in good condition and that you are aware of the entrance requirements for your destination.


–Indulge Responsibly–

Airlines are prohibited from allowing travelers who are intoxicated and may be a hazard to other passengers onto the airplane.