Sault Ste Marie Airport Development Corporation

Canadian Airports Accessibility Training

Learn how to best assist a person with a disability during their journey through the airport.

Learn how to best help a passenger with a disability throughout their journey at the Sault Ste. Marie Airport

We've teamed up with other Canadian airports to bring you an essential training course designed to make our airport more accessible for everyone. This course is your chance to become a champion for accessibility and make a real difference in the journey of passengers with disabilities.

Why is this course important?

Learn Easily: We've made sure this course is straightforward and meaningful. It's for everyone, no matter your role at YAM.

Know Your Impact: Discover the best ways to assist passengers with disabilities, making their airport experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Stay Informed: We cover everything you need to know, including important regulations from Transport Canada (TC) and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). This ensures you're getting the most current and relevant information.

While this training is not mandatory, we highly encourage you to take part. It's a chance to grow, learn, and ensure everyone who travels through YAM has a positive and inclusive experience.

Let's make a difference together. Join us in creating an accessible and welcoming environment for all. Your participation matters!